Custom-tailored Coaching 

There are numerous events in our lives, both personal and/or  professional, where we need to work with a coach; transitions, achieving goals, changing our lifestyle, finding a purpose. I am here to help you turn these challenges to rewarding life experiences. Get in touch today to schedule your free of charge complimentary coaching session.

Women Empowerment 

I help women with different backgrounds in different roles and positions to become empowered and aware of their next steps. Through these coaching sessions, you will be able to look at the challenges from a higher perspective, helping you to make informed and effective decisions and become more content and confident. Get in touch today to schedule your free of charge complimentary coaching session.

Expat Coaching

I work with expats and international individuals and families to overcome the transition and relocation as smooth as possible. Using my coaching skills together with my own experience I can help you and your family to feel home as quick and smooth as possible. Get in touch today to schedule your free of charge complimentary coaching session.

Pro bono Coaching

Sometimes life circumstances plunge us in incredibly challenging situations, surpassing our emotional, social and financial capabilites. I am here to help. Just contact me and we'll figure out how to bring you back on track - free of charge!  

Career Check

You don't know what the next step is? You're not fully satisfied with your current work? You want to plan your career for at least the next 5, 10, 15 and more years. Schedule a career check session and we'll explore it together. Get in touch today to schedule your free of charge complimentary coach-ing session.


We host workshops regularly on various topics around personal development and self-improvement. If you want to receive information on our upcoming events get in touch today! 


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