Coaching Fast Forward was founded in 2018 by Zoe Massoudi. The company provides coaching services for different individuals and organizations helping them to thrive, to grow and to reach beyond their goals.

Since 2019, mental health care was added to our services. Partnering with Dr. Amir Yassari an skilled specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy we created a one-stop shop for everyone who is willing to engage in self-improvement.


Paint Colors


Our cross-cultural background and multi-lingual skills alongside our professional experience over the last decades make us a unique company. We believe that coaching and therapy both are an inner journey in the realm of possibilities. Together, we will be using a wide range of evidence-based methods and interventions to explore the hidden and unseen opportunities and bring them to light.

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We work with committed Individuals who are willing to engage in the process of wellbeing and self-improvement; Leaders who truly want to hone their leadership skills and empower their teams; Organizations who care about their talent development and sustainable growth.

As well as individuals in crisis requiring professional support to overcome personal tragedies.



Coach and Entrepreneur

Although, as an executive and team coach, Zoe works with any professionals and teams who want to leverage themselves, her particular interest lies in coaching women; women in leadership roles, or transitioning hereto, female professionals going through personal transitions or organizational transformations.

Cooperating with teams going through changes and transition, she acutely understands team dynamics and supports their integration and growth.

She also coaches leaders who are striving to promote “Diversity & Inclusion” within their organization and teams. Furthermore Zoe offers several pro bono coaching packages on a yearly basis, particularly for women from underprivileged backgrounds empowering them and getting them back on their “feet”.


Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Amir has more than 10 years of experience as a clinician and is specialized in the treatment of patients with depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and patients who find themselves “in transition” 

He also works with high performers including athletes, dancers, and musicians by helping them regain their mental strength after injuries, personal challenges, or career endings. His methods include interventions ranging from psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapies as well as hypnotherapy.